Looking Good Through the Winter Blues


Unless you're lucky enough to live in Southern California, or old and retired enough to live in Florida, you're probably suffering from the dreaded Winter blues right about now! While the colder months are a great time to break out your favorite multi-layered ensembles, we caucasian residents of the sunless climates have one problem that is harder to hide once we are inside the warm confines of our favorite bar, restaurant or shopping mall.... pale white skin!

There's of course a bunch of options for what to do. First, you can wear colors that accentuate rather than highlight just how white your skin is looking. Of course you can also cover up entirely, going for flowing tops and dresses that won't be too hot once you are inside the baking heat of a Madison Avenue store! Another obvious alternative is sunbeds - indoor tanning is a roaring trade during the winter months, not just for the improved look of tanned skin, but the UV rays can actually help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (yes, the acronym is S.A.D. and it is real!) by helping to regulate your body clock. So if you are going to use a sunbed, be sure to go during normal daylight hours (morning is best) rather than late at night! Sunbed users can also get more tan for their buck by using tanning lotions that are specially formulated for indoor use. This is my favored option, because I don't want to over-do the UV light exposure and the obvious risks with that, so I want to maximize the tan time. Lotions I prefer are Kardashian Glow Black Bronzer and Designer Skin Black Legacy, both will do an excellent job of accelerating your tan from pasty white to I-just-got-back-from-a-month-in-the-Bahamas brown!

Of course, tanning isn't for everyone and the winter blues aren't just about whether you look good. But we have the solution for that too... it's called a bottle of Pinot Noir and Netflix!

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floral dress

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