Do It Yourself: Galaxy Printed Sneakers


Todays DIY find comes from  I stumbled upon her site through wordpress & fell in love with these trendy sneakers.  You can pick up shoes like these from any cheap shop ( I got a pair from old navy for like 17 bucks that are super comfy)  & customize them relatively fast.  So let’s get started !

What you will need:

  • Plain white canvas sneakers. I got mine for £2.50 from Primark.
  • Fabric paint in black, purple and white.
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Pot of water.
  • A paint pallette or plate for mixing.

Lets get started!

1. First remove the laces from the shoes and put them to one side for later.

2. Use clean water to dampen the shoe.


3. Put a few dabs of black paint on your plate and dilute with water. You want the paint to be quite runny so that the colours can blend together.

4. Start painting patches of black onto your shoe. Remember to leave spaces for the purple.

Leave blank

5. Use water to blend the edges of the black. You want to avoid having a definite line.

Blend edges6. Mix your purple paint the same way you mixed the black.

7. Fill in the white gaps with purple.

purple in gaps

8. Blend the edges of the two colours together with water. When you are done it should look like this:lining

9. Use undiluted purple paint to paint the lining.paint liningOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10. To make the stars dip your toothbrush into the white paint and rub  your thumb along the bristles to flick the paint onto the shoe. I recommend practising on paper first!flick paint


11. Now let your shoes dry and add the laces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ta-Dah!! You now have galaxy print sneakers! If you have a waterproofing spray you can waterproof them, if not then try to avoid weraring them in the rain

Now for my two personal suggestions. Try starting out with a pair that is a bright, clean white as I’m sure these will turn into your ultimate go-to shoe when you want to look trendy but feel comfy.  With all that potential wear it’s best to start with a duper clean canvas.  Also, wipe off all metal rings around the laces after your done painting & perhaps place tape neatly around all rubber edges to prevent paint from smearing or rubbing on those areas.  Remember you don’t want a DIY to look like you did it yourself ;). Now go check out her blog!


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