Style Inspiration: Over 30 Ways To Wear Trendy Overalls This Spring

Mid-February I did an article on where to buy chic overalls for a great price (Available HERE) and now I’d like to build up a little inspiration for this trend.  As with most fashion trends, rocking overalls can easily turn into a disaster so it’s important to make sure that you choose a fit that is complimentary to your shape (theres a post on how to find this out HERE) and style.  I personally would rock my overalls with a statement button down or crop top, super girly but simple accessories, and pumps/stilettos, some dope cut out oxfords or pointed flats.  Overalls are pretty casual and great to throw on for a chill day, but as you know from the previous post, dressing up overalls  can be fixed easily with the right type of shoe.  When when pulling together your own interpretation of this style, don’t be afraid to spice it up like these bold fashionista’s have done in the photos below.

tumblr_mgwdx8ACdP1qcw2d9o1_500tumblr_mfrmw3TogR1rjjiono1_500  344x518k Derek Lam - Front Row - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 344x518tumblr_mjawvkhbN61rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mimxyffbr41rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mcnpfl95sG1rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mjgh3f51g91rjjiono1_500 tumblr_miumvwgb8C1rjjiono1_500  tumblr_mfgjutX6pu1rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mfgjmdllmP1rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mexk6pDYk51rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mj6i2wc1Wt1r4tx2ho1_500tumblr_m8urie9Q9J1qjqbnho1_500 tumblr_mjgh5aM1nV1rjjiono1_500 tumblr_miumwoiyXP1rjjiono1_500 tumblr_mjglmmLznk1qa4y3so1_500 tumblr_mjb484ufXI1s6jepwo1_500 tumblr_mjby41Xebh1s756nio1_500115756652892163456_Pupx74Wk_cmcx-pfwss2013-street-style-001-lgn 318x518a 174373816793836173_rpfp0lAW_c 2891356_scars 393x518f

tumblr_mjbrupPmpC1rx9n8ho1_500 tumblr_mj9uj3oPiS1qdz1bgo1_500tumblr_mj5pmyyamm1rurx7vo1_500   tumblr_mj7iqfBoar1qbiu5fo1_500tumblr_mj49knKCyf1rgw43go1_500

Mmk, so the last one isn’t quite as traditional as the rest, but its still pretty cute huh?Lol, I hope these photos have given you some inspiration of how to and how not to (courtesy of that last photo) you can style yourself in overalls for spring/summer 2013.