Do It Yourself: Ombre And Scalloped Denim Shorts

Yesterday I received a denim diy request via twitter from @TanCarter that said,  ”wanna reconstruct some old jeans! any suggestions???@kissmyyfashion”.  But of course she already knew the answer right. ;)  Our convo went on to reveal that the photos above that I’ve been holding onto for a few weeks were ready to be unleashed!  So, lets get started shall we? The photos in the tutorial below come from the blogger behind pixie in pumps.  She uses purple dye to create her ombre but I suggest bleach for a more trendy vibe (minimalism is starting off to be huge this season and so is white!)

Things you’ll need:

  • Jeans (or denim shorts)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring cup(If you’re using dye instead of bleach)
  • Rubber Gloves (or not, how neat are you?)
  • Bottle of bleach or fabric dye in the color of your choice
  • Bucket,trashcan, or sink
  • Something circular (to trace for the scallops)
  • Paper to trace your something circular
  • Fray Check (here so your shorts wont fray!)

Step 1: “Try on your jeans and mark where you want to cut them. I suggest marking long than you think you want them first and try them on again after cutting. I’ve cut too short the first time way too many times, so you live and you learn. Also make sure you leave a little extra length for the scalloping since it will take off a bit more of the length.”

Step 2: Once you’ve got your shorts the length you want them. Rinse and drench them with water to prep them for bleaching. If you’re using dye utilize the directions on the bottle of your color choice!

Step 3: Now, for part 1-3 for the ombre effect we’re going to use the bucket to dip and hang the denim in.  If you’re using bleach place your bucket on a level surface in the shower and fill it with bleach.  Anchor your shorts hanger to hold up the denim at a height where you want the ombre effect to begin.

Step 4: Leave the denim in the bleach for about 15-20 minuets (longer or shorter  depending on the color of your denim and what color you want them to be).
**Remember that the bleach will bleed upwards so leave a good 1-2 inches for the bleach to run.

Step 5: Add a little more bleach/color.  Pull the denim up in the bucket a good bit and keep the mid and bottom portion still submerged in the bleach for an additional 15-20 mins.  Repeat this process for a third and final time until you reach the desired lightness for the bottom of your ombre.

5822022457_a438a2bab9_zStep 6: Once your shorts have dried it’s time to cut the scallops.  You’ll need the shorts to be flat and even so smooth them out (& iron them if needed).   Next measure around the bottom of each leg of your shorts.  Keep this measurement laying flat in a line and align it with an set of paper equal in length.

Step 7:  Then take your piece of paper, pen, and circular object and begin evenly tracing/making your scallop pattern.  When finished turn your shorts inside out and trace the pattern around the bottom of the shorts with a pen.  Cut around the guide you’ve just drawn on then repeat for your other leg.

5822022403_f62cece521_zStep 8:  You’re almost finished!  Just apply the fray check around the newly cut area and your scalloped denim shorts are all complete. ;)




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