Style Diary: Fashion School And Instagram Update

Ow-ow, two posts in one day, I’m on a freaking roll. ;)  I’ll try not to turn kmF into my personal venting diary about the stress of being a fashion student.  So I will just keep my thoughts on the past week to like two sentences. Parsons is f#cking INTENSE.  I love that from day one we’re thrown into creating prints, analyzing color, sketching fashion figures, and learning the difference between man-made and natural fibers etc..  I’ve been doing great, but the work is super time consuming! I haven’t had time to blog and I’ve worn jeans FOUR TIMES since moving here!  Honestly, my a.d.d.-like mindset might have a small influence on how long it takes me to complete homework(lol)…but I am definitely not the only student that feels this way! Pretty much the entire Fashion department is sleep deprived and down to rocking basics or all black.(lol)  Anyway, Here is my instagram update on whats been happening in New York and at Parsons.  


Burgundy & Muave nails is my recent nail color obsession.

We’re going over looms and weaves right now in textiles, my prof. had us in class working on some of the plaid pattern you see connected to the machine. Super old school right?


I was featured on my favorite blog earlier, the comments are horrible lol, but you should check out the site anyway ;)

The name of this building always slips my mind..but it looks dope on rainy nights. 


Housing works vintage shop located ALL around NYC seriously has great deals, I popped in this past weekend and found a load of designer stuff for forever 21 prices. 


Expect another post on Vintage shops around the city soon! About two days ago I went around Layfayette(near bleeker street) and  found a TON of amazing consignment shops (the one pictured below being my fav )

 So that’s whats been going on with my instagram(@ShanonFloretta)! Btw, I’m SO going to continue with these shameless instagram promotions until I’m satisfied with my following there! lol





Style Diary: Being Bad In NYC

Whats up! It’s finally friday and I officially have no classes until Monday :D!  It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t been blogging as much since moving to NY! And it’s so true, I feel like I’ve been such a bad blogger over the past month!  I blame it on Parsons and New York Clubs(lol)! But no, seriously, my homework load has been intense! So I spend the majority of my time completing assignments, and when thats over partying until 6am is a must! Lol.  I’m convinced the Fashion industry is responsible for the infamous “work hard, play harder” quote that has become basically every americans mantra.

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